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Birth control causing acne ?

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In high school I was put on bc for my acne. It cleared right up, now 10 years later my acne is back and worse than in high school. Painful cycst and gross acne. Breakouts are always around my cycle. Is my birth control contributing to my acne now? The dermatologist says accutane is the next step. If I stop taking the birth control will my face get worse? i don't think I could cope if it gets worse
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replied June 20th, 2009
my brother took accutane and it cleared up his acne. but you should research and find out all of the side effects i was told it is many.
i m taking something called natures cure it is a herbal pills.
this cleared my skin up in a short amount of time when nothing else the doctor prescribed for me worked.
i natural and it's cheap, and i think you should try it so i'm going to private message you the website.
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