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Birth control at age 14 ?

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hey i was wondering if birth control is safe or harmful to kids at the age of 14. i have not yet talked to my doctor about this but i should probably go on it to help me stay safe. most of my friends are on birth control just incase but i want to be on it to, because i did it and i dont want anything to happen. does birth control help provent preganancy.
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replied September 30th, 2009
the point of birth control is to help prevent pregnancy, yes, but I don't understand why you would need it at that age for that reason.
if your period is particularly hard to handle (if you have really bad cramps, if its a really heavy flow, if it's irregular) then birth control would probably be a good idea for you, but sexual activity at such a young age is just not safe in my opinion.
if you do insist on being sexually active so young, birth control would be a good Idea, but a condom is also necessary, to protect yourself from STDs
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