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bipolar wrong diagnosis???

how is it going
i currently take 3 medications, klonopin,lamictal and zyphrexa.

the thing about this combination is i don't think i have bipolar.

i do have anxiety,and i do have racing thoughts and i cant sit still ,i haven't been able to sleep for age's,i always have racing thoughts in my mind,different scenario's going on in my head,jumping from subject to subject and not being able to make up my mind like here is an example... one day i want to be a fire fighter the next day i want to be a nurse ,then i see something on tv and want to be that and all of sudden lose intrest in the next thing.i am depressed,and stressed sometimes im always on the go.And i cant sit down and teach myself to play the violin as much as i try i seem to get lost while being taught things.

am i misdiagnosed ?

and is there any medication out there that is not harmful on the liver like strattera for ADHD?
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replied February 17th, 2009
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It is very very very difficult to determine if it a misdiagnosis or not. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar and ADHD; however, I often second guess it. As for wanting to be a fireman then a nurse, I just switched my major from welding to graphic design. I get the same depressed stressed anxious f'ing crazy perspective changes all day everyday. The thing is that ADHD and Bi Polar Go hand in hand and a lot of people with ADHD or ADD have Bi-Polar and vice versa. But stimulants that are used to treat ADD and ADHD can cause one to have the same symptoms of Bi Polar and the benzodiazapines like klonopin xanax etc and mood stabilizers will just make you worse if your not bi polar and its just medication or the ADD. My suggestion would be to try an anti depressant because if you are add or adhd it can significantly help and if you are bi polar and take an anti depressant you will most likely feel much more anxious and will not feel good so then you will be able to determine if it was a correct diagnosis. Hope this helps, hang in there
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