From perusing these forums, I know that the definitive answers to each of my questions will be 'seek professional help', but i'm a 23 year old male working extremely hard to save up enough cash for finishing up my undergraduate degree. I'm worried that the costs of seeing a professional will kill me financially while living off of an $8.00 an hour job. I do have insurance, but its not especially helpful. They pay the first $500, i get the next $800, and then 20% afterwards. I just can't do it. On to the symptoms:

Mania has always been an issue - as well as being attracted to risky lifestyles and behaviors. I'm absolutely shocked that I don't have a DUI under my belt at this point in my life, but I've somehow pulled through. I can't even bring myself to think of what else I may have done to myself thus far, but that's also an issue - paranoia, albeit, mild paranoia. The past few nights I'm experiencing some extremely intense dreaming or whatever the hell it is, where I lose all control of my imagination whenever my eyes close (frightening), but i can keep control otherwise. I've managed to fall asleep once I turn on the TV (i hate television, but it finally came in handy), once my mind is distracted by something else - this is followed by prolonged dream sequences. I've been prolific musically and lyrically as of late, (although I'm not delusional on this note: i'm almost positive that everything i'm writing/playing is crap).

Apart from that, my life is a rollercoaster. I could go further into detail, but its all the typical indicators of bipolar disorder. I've had severe anxiety problems for awhile now, took Zoloft for a year, got fat and generally quit giving a crap about everything. Once I hopped off of Zoloft, I slimmed way down and acquired something of an eating disorder. So.

Where do I begin? Help appreciated.
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replied May 7th, 2008
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I apologize for my delayed response.

You are in a tough position. It sounds like you need a psychiatric evaluation and a treatment plan. You mention this is a financial burden at this time. Are you currently enrolled in school? Most universities have a clinic for students. That is a possible alternative for you. Have you looked into any services for medical care through your community or county? Most states have county health departments. I would look into that and see if you can find some services that are provided for a nominal fee.

I appreciate your need to save money for grad school. I would like you to consider that if you are not able to function well due to an untreated mental disorder you may not be able to achieve your educational goals. Perhaps you should consider going to a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Explain the situation you are in with school, your job, and your insurance. Many doctors can provide care on a sliding scale fee. The drug company reps. provide free samples to doctor's offices. Ask your doctor for the samples. If the doc does not have any ask the doctor to request some. You can contact most pharmaceutical companies and declare financial hardship. Many times the companies will assist in providing the medication for reduced fees or free.

I hope you will look into what I have suggested. There is help out there but it takes knocking on the right doors.
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