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Bipolar symptoms in female ?

I have known my friend (male) for over 20 years. He has been married for 3 years and is currently separated from his wife and son. She moved out because she told him that he is "crazy" and needs to take medications. He doesn't have any of the symptoms of bipolar, manic or schizophrenia. Me and his other friends do not believe that he has issues.

Given his wife's behavior over the past 3 years, my theory is that she is the one who needs medication. He has told me that "she's like Jekyl and Hyde, one day being really sweet and the next day being angry and verbally abusive."

Incidents involving his WIFE:

1. Obsessed with babies and kids. Worked in child care for 18 years. When my girl was a baby, she would take her away from us and not give her back until we left a party, etc. She would volunteer to change her diaper, her clothes/socks, etc.
She has a 2 year old son now, who she is very possessive of. She won't say "our" kid, its always "my" kid. This child does not sleep through the night and cries when she is not around. She limits the time that my friend gets to spend with his son.

2. Last summer, she told me and another of his friends that "I wish my husband would die."

3. She yells at him in front of his friends, criticizes how he takes care of their son and is very defensive when anyone offers suggestions.

Now, she will not let my friend see his child at all. When he asks, she just keeps saying NO.

I hope that someone can help me figure this out. Is my theory way out there or a real possibility? We want to help our friend as much as possible.

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replied September 25th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Your friend needs a good attorney. As far as the mental health of his wife is concerned it is difficult to say. Your examples of her behavior sound like a possesive, controlling personality. Perhaps she is suffering from postpartum depression. There is little he can do unless she is a threat to herself or others. She can not be forced into treatment. An attorney may be able to insist on a psych. evaluation to be done if he moves to divorce her and seeks custody of his son.
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