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I''m not sure I''m bipolar, but I took a test that said I was possibly bipolar type ii. I''ve heard a number of stories of bipolar people being promiscuous, deviant, etc. I was given seroquel for treatment and feel that it is working. A number of my compulsions have disappeared. It''s embarrassing to admit, but I used to compulsively go online during what I think is a manic episode and look at porn. Since taking the medication I no longer feel like doing this. Does this sound like a case of bipolar disorder that is being treated successfully?
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replied May 3rd, 2010
SEROQUEL FOR BIPOLAR? i am not a doctor but i think seroquel is not to treat depression or bipolar
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replied June 17th, 2010
Dear sample27:

As far as I know, Seroquel is used basically to sleep and as another effect, will reduce your manic cycles and sex desire and yes it is a possible medication for bipolar treatment (my bipolar wife and many other BPs I know are taking it).

What I also know is that during manic cycles, flirtration, provocative dressing, irresponsible or unsafe sex and promiscuity increases significantly.

Do not confuse, however, manic BP cycles with addiction to porn. When you start going to porn sites is like when you start smoking or taking drugs or alcohol: it becomes harder and harder to stop.

I think it's better to see a psychitrist with good reputation for bipolar cases and try to sort out what you have and medicate. Seroquel is used as one of the medications for BP, but never alone as far as my 28 year experience with my wife goes.

I hope this helps. I keep you in my prayers,

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replied June 18th, 2010
Hi Sample27, welcome to the forum,

Seroquil is an antiphychotic medication, it works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain. I am glad the medication is working for you and from your post I think it is. I do believe that your manic episode can cause one to be impulsive, and compulsive and may have caused the urge to look at porn. After I was on the correct medication I stopped drinking, gambling, going on spending sprees, so many things. I do not have the urge to do any of these things anymore. If you start to feel impulsive, compulsive, depressed make sure you let your specialist know asap. Sometimes the medication can stop working so its always important to let your doctor know and see him on a regular basis.
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