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Bipolar , schizophrenia or ADD ?

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I'm a bit buzzed i know i have something ticking up there but not sure if its bipolar, schizophrenia or ADD,
family history of Alzheimer on mums side of family,
some sort of aggressive behavior illness on fathers side of family,
i get constant head-spins all the time,
my mood changes repetitively (mood swings),
i get depressed for no reason, (sometimes no reason)
anger strikes bad if i have something like a muscle ache or if something goes slightly wrong,
mostly get along with people who have same or similar problems,
sometimes get an obsessive compulsive behavior(rarely),
i sometimes spend a large amount of time at home, then ill go to the shop end up at a mates house for a couple weeks,
if i plan on going to the shop nothing stops me till im there, i tend to mission around alot,
i instantaneously do a lot of things,
i keep things such as all my paper work iv ever gotten including bus tickets, instead of worrying about the important things such as money, its always spent on payday or day after,
i have slight drinking problem (apparently),
i zone in and out like a stoner all day every day,
i find it hard to talk to people i don't know,
i tend to wake up in the mornings and try to smile so im in a good mood,
i stress out a lot,
i tend to dehydrate pretty easy,
i cant put up with anything repetitive at all,
i sometimes forget about paperwork and appointments, or if im about to write something down ill have to come back to it when i remember
i get bored really easy which makes me depressed then angry,
if i have about 2 hours sleep a night im fully energetic, but normal 8 hours and i wake up grumpy and miserable, lately iv been finding it hard to sleep
my old martial arts trainer told me i think too much so i try to think less and its made me louder more aggressive, emotional,
my friends father told me by the way i spoke to him he thought i was very intellect,
i dont know why but i try not to get in any 1s way like ill move my seat if some 1 gets too close to me, i cant have people whisper to me, i lean away and shove over, not sure why just feel uncomfortable being that close to some 1,
i have threatened to commit suicide to relo's in the past,
i have recently gotten in a fight with my step father over the past couple weeks he broke my nose, i pretty much took it out on my car without thinking, punching it leaving shattered windscreen and dints all over it,
i dont go to hospitals, im not scared of them just dont see the point when all my injuries have naturally healed by them selves including broken knuckles foot hands ribs jaw skull and nose,
this is now the fourth time i would have saved and edited this.
its been realy difficult living like this the only way i can be happy is if i always do my own thing, without being told no.

please if anything write me.
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