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Bipolar or Schizoaffective?

I have been diagonosed with bipolar disorder for 5 years, and the whole time I have been treated with mood stabilizers and sometimes with anti-depressants. I sometimes would hallucinate while in manic states. The hallucinations were always disturbing or scary. They usually occured at night when I was trying to sleep. Recently, I have been hallucinating more frequently. I am not in a manic state, and the hallucinations often occur during the day. Also, I feel more paranoid than ever. Whenever I go out, I feel everyone is a threat to me. I feel like I have to stay away from them or else I will be in danger. I feel this way about people I love and care abou sometimes. I have distanced myself from my fiance because I feel like he is betraying me even though he clearly isn't. Sometimes when I am walking I hear footsteps behind me. They stop whenever I stop. I am wondering if I am schizoaffective rather than just bipolar. I am afraid to talk to my psychiatrist because I really don't want to go onto anti-psychotic medication.
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replied April 2nd, 2011
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