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Bipolar or just mood swings? new contraceptive?

I'm 18 (female) have been with my partner for almost a year now. We get along very well and have been living together for a while. I have had one other long relationship before him which didn't end up well. I have had a very hard childhood with abusive step fathers and mums many boyfriends.

Recently I have notice enormous changes in my attitude, that swings from bright and bubbly one moment to absolutely furious or sad the next. I am on a new contraceptive which affects my hormones, but I can't help thinking it might be something else.

My poor boyfriend gets very confused, because half the time I have no reason to be mad. I also have some pretty serious trust issues which stem from my last relationship, in which I was cheated on.

I don't know if I'm just having mood swings or being irrational or if it's something else. It doesn't take much to set me off, but when I start it takes me a while to calm back down again.

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replied August 15th, 2012
There is also no history of depression in my family other than my grandmother who suffered post natal depression.
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