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Bipolar medication Prozac diagnosis and side effects

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I was diagnosed with Graves' disease/hyperthyroidism about 4 months ago. I am not on any medication yet my doc is doing regular blood tests to keep track of it my condition.
For the past 3 months I have been sleeping excessively; an easy 16 hours a day/night. For the past month it has been getting worse and worse.. I become irritable, angry, snappy, i have fits of rage, start screaming the list goes on. The only 2 days i have felt normal in the past 3 months is when i took some duromine. i felt like my old happy self. i had energy i played with my beautiful little girls (3 and 4yo), cleaned me house, had patients, cooked dinner things i hadn't done in months i was excited to do. I took 1 dirimine for the 2 mornings and as soon as i stopped everything went back to BAD! I finally went and seen the doc yesterday and told him everything (but the duromine) and he prescribed me Prozac 20 milligram capsules. I started my first one this morning at 7am. Since 7 am I have slept 6 hours, it's 10pm atm. This is about the average day some days it's more, very really it's less. I also have had the mirena iud in for the past 3 years and haven't had a period in over a year. since having my first Prozac capsule this morning I have been having menstrual cramping and my period started about 20mins after the cramping started. I feel more irritable and patiences is running thinner
Do you think I should be on this medication for my problem? If not what do you think I need? Should I stop taking the Prozac (keeping in mind this is my first day on these tablets) because of the menstrual cramping and my period?
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replied July 15th, 2013
Hello hun, firstly I hope you're not feeling too bad today! I read your post and I am NOT a doctor, but I do work in the health professions (in a field which does not make me qualified to comment on a professional basis). This is just my thoughts and a tiny bit of research.
The tiredness could be a result of graves disease...the duramine would make you feel more energetic as it is basically like amphetamine (speed as the equivocal street name!). I know it's a weightloss drug and appetite supressant, but has amphetamine qualities so you'd get that energy boost.
When you stop you'll crash - which it sounds like you did.
Problem is the doc is perscribing the prozac not knowing why you actually crashed...and also you're waiting on the diagnosis of graves.
Given that you've had one day of prozac I would rekon the duramine or graves are more likely what is affecting your mood and physical state - including the menstrual cramping. Therefore give your body time to recover...carry on with the prozac maybe, but realistically it's hard for a doc to prescribe when they only have half the picture. I know you don't want to get judged, but they are there to help and it's hard to help if they don't know what you've been taking as it all affects the picture.
I hope that you manage to get this sorted, but I would steer clear of the durimine even tho they give you more energy because I think it is throwing you off what the real problem may be and if you have Graves you will have to get your thyroid levels sorted before symptoms start improving.
All the best! Smile
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