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Now let me start this off with a disclaimer. My medication combination may not be what you need. The only person who can tell you or give you certain combinations is your doctor. In no way am I saying "this is what you need"

Well after 2 years of finally knowing what my emotional and mental problems were caused by, and after 2 years of trying several and I mean SEVERAL different medications, I believe I found the perfect combination of medication. I have tried them all, with the exception of lithium. At first I was told I just had an "Adjustment Disorder" and suffered from depression. They prescribed welbutrin or however you spell it and it sent me into an almost immediate rage and severe mania. I returned to the hospital, not willingly, but rather in handcuffs. After a few days in the hospital, my psychiatrist ran several tests and questionnaires and changed my diagnosis to Type 1 Bipolar disorder.

Not going to make it long, but I tried several medications from abilify to seroquel, to Haldol........ well a month or so ago I, again, went into a heightened state of mania and was, again, admitted into the hospital. This time, a new doctor changed my prescriptions around because I was off of them for over 8 months. He put me on 1500mg of Depakote and I believe 100 or 200mg of Geodon. And let me say, I have not felt this way emotionally or mentally in over 10 years. I am thinking clearly, I still get upset but it doesn't send me into a rage or a depression phase. I am finally OCD about being clean. I do not mean OCD as in the medical diagnosis but rather I want and feel a need to have a clean house, a clean body, and clean clothes. I can not believe how well this medication is working with me. I pray to god that I do not plateau or have the medication stop working this well. I believe it is the Geodon that is making the difference because I was on Depakote 300 before, but now it is truly amazing. If you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder and the medications are not up to your standards, there is No harm in just asking your doctor about Geodon. Dont run in there and say "PUT ME ON IT NOW", but rather ask him about it and if he thinks it would work for you.

Im out... I had to create an account to put this up, so thanks for making the web-page

Brandon K. Sr.
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replied July 27th, 2008
Coming back and reading this, I must correct certain parts..... I am on 1000 mg of depakote and only 80mg of Geodon.

Now here I am, a month after posting this and I have a side affect that I believe is coming from the Geodon. I am getting SEVERE and I mean SEVERE Anxiety attacks. I think im dying, my body goes numb, every little thing in my body scares me. It lasts anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. I hate it, I would much rather have manic states than these anxiety attacks. I cant just stop taking the geodon because of the withdrawal affects, so I will have to consult with my psychologist and be wiened off of it, or however you spell it. It's entirely TOO MUCH TO TAKE
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