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bipolar girlfriend not on medication

i just broke up with my girl friend,
we were together a year, an things were sweet for about the first 9 months, but then i noticed a change, turned out she stopped taking her medication, because she doesnt like who it makes her, she says it isnt her when shes on them, but when she is off them, its so up an down, i want to help, but she wont let me, one day she'll want to see me, an she'll want my help, but then change her mind an not want a bar of me..
i dont want to give up, but how can i help?
if i offer her help she wont take it,
and wats worse is she is suicidal,
she had a rough child hood, an things seem to be going wrong all the time..
i love her to death an would try anything to help her..
any suggestions?
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replied October 1st, 2008
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Risk for suicide appears to be higher earlier in the course of the illness.
If she is talking about committing suicide she should be taken seriously.
Help her to seek medical attention immediately.
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