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Bipolar , eating disorder , cutting

Alright, about two months ago or more I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder (II). As of late I have been bouncing in and out of an eating disorder while debating my habit of cutting again.Eating disorder wise I am 5'5'' and 1o4lbs. Cutting wise I haven't done it in the past two months.

My concerns and stress are piling higher due to the fact I'm starting to see how the bipolar seems to be causing issues when it comes to my grades at college. I have been in patient for 5.5 hrs in April but was only able to go on the fact I was not truthful and just wanted to leave. I am taking two medications (Lithium & Limictial) yet still gear shifting dramatically and having episodes such as wanting to kill myself and being worthless then violently shifting to being upset and breaking a very new and expensive pair of headphones and CD player.

The thing is I am seeing two very nice women to help me, my therapist and psychiatrist. I've been told my by therapist that inpatient is really a last resort for those who really have no other option. But the idea has been in my head for a while now. My question is how much would it cost and when whould be a right time? Should I just wait until another severe episode?
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replied March 1st, 2011
I know it is hard to deal with, but when you feel something gripping you such as breaking an object that you really need, tell yourself that you will wait and not do it right now. The same for cutting yourself.Just say "no-not right now." Then set a time, and when that time arrives, postpone it again for a later time. Soon you will be able to put off the urges that seem to overwhelm you, and if you stick to postponement, you will eventually be able to overcome whatever it is you want to do to yourself. You are a very worthy person and deserve many opportunities and only you can give them to you. Been there and done that, and after a couple of years was able to beat the odds and am now near normal. Haven't had any episodes lately and have not had to be hospitalized. Sure, talking with a therapist and psychiatrist sometimes helps, but in the end it is entirely up to you. I pray for peace for you-both within and without.
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