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Bipolar Disorder with fatigue and muscle soreness?

I have been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, 4 months now. A year ago today I was an active healthy 32 year old woman who play football, did aerobics daily or went for runs and walks. Last Christmas I fell into a depression that just wouldn't go away. I switched psychiatrists and when I did he diagnosed me with this disease. I am currently on 300mg of seroquel and 200mg of lamictal. I also take xanax or clonapin if I'm feeling anxious.
I am so tired most of the time now that I don't even exercise. If I do, for example last week I went for a 30 minute walk three times last week and did 20 minutes of weights on another day. I crashed on Thursday night, went to bed at 7, slept until 8, napped that afternoon, went to bed at 8:15, got up at 8, had a two hour nap next day, bed at 7:30, slept until 9:30, napped again 2 hrs in afternoon and still today I'm feeling super tired. I'm still sore in my muscles and joints from the workout last Thursday.
Is there anyone else out there that suffers from this level of exhaustion and inability to do normal exercise?
Anything would be a great help.
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replied November 2nd, 2009
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I used to but then I had my meds adjusted, I'm on Effexor (anti-depressant) zeldox (expensive anti-psychotic new on the market) and ativan (as needed anxiety medicine)
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