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Bipolar dating

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I am 17 and bipolar. Right now I am not in a relationship and have not been in one since being diagnosed last May. I think I am afraid of hurting the person I am with. In the past I would break up with my boyfriend suddenly and for no apparent reason most likely because I was having an "episode". Of course I didn't realize this at the time. Consequently I would feel awful after the breakup but too embarrassed to ask to have them back. Now I am wondering what to do when I do get involved with someone. I realize that I will probably be better now that I am on medication and I also realize that I will have to be upfront with the person right from the start. However, some people may not be okay with dating someone with bd and I'm not sure what to do if that happens. It is incredibly unnerving and scary. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be with someone who is not bipolar and just incredibly understanding or someone who is bipolar who can relate to what I'm going through.
Any opinions?
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replied June 4th, 2010
I was diagnose with bi-polar disorder 5 years ago. sometimes it takes a while before your doctor will get the medications right. How do you feel now, do you still have the ups and downs, act impulsive, or feel like your on top of the world for a while and then get really sad for no apparent reason. If you are still suffering from these symptoms you have to tell you doc so he can try othter meds. it took 3 times of trying different meds until i was on one that worked. i am no longer that unpredictable person. i am always open and honest about my BD and not ashamed at all. when you start a relationship tell them, and have them research the disorder on the net. at least the person will know why you are behaving a certain way. do not feel like you are less than the next person, dont steer away from people, realize that you can overcome this disorder. i can totally relate to what you are going through
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