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My boyfriend and I met in a mental hospital where we were both diagnosed with bipolar however his has psychotic symptoms.I am married for 27 years but fell in love and we have been together 2 years.Its been hard as we are currently in separate states but see each other monthly.Can this be a healthy relationship?
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replied October 28th, 2011
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Hi slang6901 and welcome to ehealth: From reading your posts it seems that your boyfriend has a hold on you...You say that you are still married and have been for 27 years, yet this romance has been going on for two years and your husband knows it?....How old are you and how old is he?.....From what you have said about him and his new affair, this is not a healthy relationship...He seems to be pushing every button that he can with you and you accept it...IMO, he is not serious...Take care...

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