my boyfriend broke up with me, during a lowpoint. i know his lowpoints, and this was one - he likely wont get out of bed for several days. i love him so much, but am terrified of getting hurt by him again. i know he loves me, and that this is a symptom of his disorder. part of me feels like i should let him end it, as i deserve someone who can always say they want me. the other part recognizes how sick he is. even to mend it, i know he will only be thinking clearly once he is out of the low - and since hes not talking to me, i dont know when that is.

what is the best thing to do? i love him, and him feeling this way hurts so much, yet i want someone who can be ther for me.
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replied October 8th, 2010
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You must decide for yourself.

You cannot "fix" him. There isn't a cure for BP.. even with medication there is a cycle that will be repeated over and over for his lifetime.

He must seek medical help, he must be in constant therapy..and accept medication. Even then, you need to know that sometimes the medication stops working...more often the sufferer just stops taking it.

Do not enter into a lifetime of this unless you really accept that you 1)cannot fix him, 2)often won't even be able to understand him, 3)are strong enough to take the mental abuse and still keep your own "sh*t" together (learn to take care of yourself), and 4)know that he will not "be there for you"..instead demand that you be there for him.
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