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Bipolar boyfriend left again and I had been warned (Page 7)

April 18th, 2019
Hello how is everyone holding up today? My name is Gina I can’t be asked with grammar sorry as I be writing this all day! I have read all of these posts and we are all missing one important key factor? Our sleeves???? Why do you not care about yourself? Why don’t you care about your own wants and needs and what is good and healthy for you and the kids and people around you? Would you want your son or daughter to date someone like this? Is it normal No it’s not. Can you help and save them no you can’t.
Ask yourself is this normal patten or behaviour normal and how is it working out for you? It’s erratic and unstable and it’s unforgivable I don’t no if they no what they are doing or not but it’s unforgivable and destroying to them and ppl around them?They will leave you over and over they will sleep around and they have addictive personalities they are clever and can sweep you up and off your feet and make you fall hard and fast and next drop you like a hot cake and you never see it coming! They are canning and they can use there words they can make you feel like the best women or man in the world and they can make you feel rubbish They leave you high and dry and can be cruel heartless and unkind and move forward and very quickly on. They are sexual ppl they lie and in denial they cheat they lie and some steal. They drink and abuse drugs or they don’t they don’t stick to there current health plan and they are mentally unstable and unavailable. You can not fix them or save them and they will destroy you. They will Ruin your life don’t look back cut off all ties and disappear it will be hard but having a std or aids is even worse. Don’t think it won’t happen to you coz he or she loves you. No they love there self first and what you can do for them they tire easy and grow bored and move on and try and come back round it’s a pattern . You will always question your mind and if they love you? We will never no???? And you go mad thinking this! They will never offer you stability or something real or long lasting it’s a delusion and unrealistic.You will always be in a state of panic heart ache and confusion. In the end they will make you some one else a shy person who once was social shy and withdrawn they will make you fall in love and they will Leave you when you least expect it and they will destroy you!! We are obsessed with bipolar and making them happy! My advise run and don’t look back as you will be mentally unwell with them. They are selfish self centred and like a vampire. I’m not a bad person I have no stigma not classing them all like this but most are I been with my bipolar partner for ten years on and of and nearly lost my mind and nearly self harmed myself I once was a normal person happy go lucky since being with him I got fat with comfort eating and have a eating disorder that’s another issue and topic all together and for its self and I never wanted to go out lost my self esteem and self respect lost his child he left me with no money.He cheated with his best mate and never looked back for two years I took him back he Leaves at least twice a year and blames me for anything and everything! He lets the kids down We walks out on us all he had a massive drug issue crack problem and heroine. I helped him get clean he still cheated on me countless times with old female mates or ppl from the meetings some ugly ones as well. I may be a plus size but I’m losing it and he is fat I am pretty and I keep myself dressed nice and make effort I’m no embarrassment . I’m no minger by any means. They make u feel like rubbish Please for your own sanity and sake you can’t help or fix them they won’t change! They are sick and ill and a head mess they will love you one min and hate you and dump you the next and blame you for everything they will have you believe you are mad and they are sane they don’t live in reality my fella thought he is on a mission for god the tv talks to him and he was Jesus and some one great and important he wanted to be a priminister and deluded wants to be a rock star and a millionaire truth is I kept him and have done for years more fool me. He is off the drugs but still cheats and still leaves at least once or twice a year he has caused depression and anxiety and ptsd I am not the same person like I used to be You can’t trust them I loved him more then myself I adored him but one day you wake up and you smell the coffee and you think why have I done this to me and myself you need to Love yourself and worry about you as they will still be the same still ruining peoples life years down the road. I’m not nasty take it from me ten years run and don’t look back they will always be ok but they love them not you! Please for your own sanity and sake you can’t help or fix them they won’t change! They are sick and ill and a head mess they will love you one min and dump you the next and blame you for everything they will make believe you are mad and they are sane.
He sank high and low and they are erratic and all over I talk from my own experience I go to work paid the bills gave him money he gets a car and takes off says he needs to be free and single and to do his mission for god he don’t want any one else but we r to different and we row all the time truth is he preached to me and the kids thinks school is not good and Xbox is bad and he mentions about the government and he needs to save the world and I am stopping him and holding him back. Truth is I am not home 8 hours a day as I work Monday to Friday I pay for child care so he can follow his hopes and dreams I listen to him for hours talk about himself and keep him but he is not happy and blames me but this time i no its not me as I have bent over backwards.

The kids have never seen but he has squared up to me and grabbed me never hit me or punch me but it scared me as his eyes go back it’s not the man you love or fell in love with they can be so vile and cruel with the name calling. All I no I work I try hard and look after the home and the kids I come home from work to a mess and he has pulled the kitchen apart and when I moan about mess he says I am moaning ungrateful and negative and bringing him down I can’t cope with mess I like it clean and tidy and he demands I give him money help his dream he makes websites to just delete them he is clever but can never stick at anything it is very sad of course I still love and care for him but u have to ask yourself what’s it all about and what am I getting from this? One min he loves me running me baths and candles buying me plants and flowers saying sorry for the past can’t do enough I’m the best in the world he is so happy and lucky the next he not been happy for months I hold him back and stop his mission and life and we have a good time I feel safe and loved and secured next I’m spoken to badly and he has gone again. he start projects but never finish them he start rows just to leave again and blame me he left not so long again and messaged me every night he is sorry he treated us all so bad but he is not coming home. He wanted to come home yesterday and in the am switched again he is not good for me we r bad for each other and he blocks me and we r not good for each other he loves me but wants to be alone what a head mess stay strong and sorry for going on it’s a long one thinking of you all hope I’v not gone on to long and sorry if I have upset or offended anyone I am not trying to tell anyone it’s just my own view and my own experience X
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