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Bipolar 2 borderline 1 relationship

I've been dating this girl for about 14 months now and i'm now finding it hard to cope and I am here to seek your advice.

Please read:

Our relationship is long distance as she is in boarding school. It is hard for each other to be in contact with each other. We can only really talk on the phone and she has bursts of uncontrollable crying and says she misses me so much she does not know if she can cope being in a relationship anymore. At times she wants to break up with me other times she has intense fierce anger.

This fierce anger she throws at me our for little things. She becomes easily irritable. She will insult me in her anger and swear at me to leave her alone. She always remains in that state no matter what I attempt to do she just 'wants to be left alone and to go sleep'. She does not even comfort me afterwards nor apologize till the following morning or till I bring it up.

I am afraid that she will not be able to cope with the hours she spends in boarding school. She says she feels like breaking down and she cries multiple times a day. I am scared and I no longer what to do.

I have broken down myself numerous times fighting for her. We both have broken down together and struggled to get back up but we have gotten back up together.

Before she went into boarding school we had continuous arguments. For no reason we would argue and she would threaten to leave me. And at one point she did so, completely cold and unresponsive to my pleads for over an hour till she decided to get back together with me.

I am afraid of the intense anger she throws across to me. She becomes irritable at the fact I cannot hear her properly on the phone because she has to be quiet mainly because it's bedtime and it's a homosexual relationship.

I am afraid she will not be able to cope.

What advice can you give me to keep her strong?
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replied September 10th, 2010
She also refuses to get Medication claiming it doesn't work. We have set forwards dates to meet back up again but I don't know if she can take waiting.
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