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Bipolar and sex relationship

How is sex affected in a relationship with a bipolar person
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replied July 30th, 2011
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My experience with this is the following-
-They might have a phase of hypersexuality and go crazy bout sex. When I met my ex he was in a high and only talked sex. next time I met him he was in a low and had flipped to be depressed, distant and cold.With time he became sexy obssesed again.
We had some very good months of a sexual, mental and friends relationship and suddenly he picked a woman in a bar and had a fling with her, coming back to me some weeks after. he calmed down considerably after, but in April flipped again and broke up with me. Now he is going out with a woman he does not like much and already invinting me to see him again.
It seems that everything is about the highs and lows, my ex can be manic for a long time, when he is the most intelligent person in his eyes, he has dozens of plans that he never puts in practice,talking sex,this time he normally breaks up with me and goes for some fling. He does come back very meek saying iM his only one.
This time the high is taking really long to go, but he is showing signs of coming down to a more manageable level. I have discussed psychiatric intervention with him. Anyway, sex is part of a bP problem, they go for it in a huge way, either with you or with another.
My ex is not affectionate, but sex is something else.
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replied August 2nd, 2011
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From my experience:

When she was more on the manic side, her sex drive was extremely high. I met her in this state and I thought it was normal.

When she was more on the normal side, it was higher than normal (I think that is normal for her).

When she was showing signs of dysthymia/depression, it was much lower.

Everyone has a different normal with some variation. A significant increase in sex drive is often a symptom of mania while a significant decrease is a symptom of depression.
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