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How do I know if I have BP disease? About 3 years ago, I had severe stress and went to see a psychiatrist and I broke down about my past. Thereafter, I was recovering from PTSD and chronic depression. I was coping along well myself without medication nor treatment. However, I had constant severe quarrels with my mom, and I fell into depression thereafter. Following that, I lost my job and also the school which I was attending part-time on my MBA was not so successful. Now my relationship with my girlfriend is unstable and constant fear of her scoldings and bad moods.

How do I know the symptoms of BP and if I have it? I was given anti-depressive medication (Zoloft), but I skipped after two pills as I believe in self-cure.

Am I mentally unstable and if so, what's the next steps? I also constantly think of suicide (sorry for some readers here), but I am aware of these thoughts and my emotions would suddenly drop negative and I would feel really really sorry for myself. Right now, I am without a job but I am quite depressed and hopeless about finding one. I am not even enthusiastic about work anymore. However, I am going for runs often so as to cool myself down. But I don't think I will sustain for long if I don't get myself mentally well again.

Can someone kindly please help or suggest something that could bring me forward soon?

Thank you.
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replied February 22nd, 2011

You have many issues going on that I can not comment on.

If you feel you are BP Medication is your best bet. Self-cure is not a realistic approach to any BP situation.

Zoloft might not be the best medication for you. You must ask your doctor for other forms of medication for proper help. It is a trial and error situation you have.

Try at least one med for 2 weeks then if you do not feel it is best for you change. Request a new medication and go with it for another 2 weeks.
It may take you quite a few different times to get it right. Do not give up!

My husband had to go through something like your situation. He was always negative and angry so it seemed. And after a few months of trial and error/different medications, he was like a new person! I have been with him for 11 years now and this is the best its even been.

Temper was gone, good to get along with again. He was seemingly BP but was never diagnosed with such.

Either way, try to get on another medication if you feel the Zoloft was not right for you.

Suicide is not the answer.. it never is.

I wish I could be of some real help but I am just a regular person on here.

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replied May 26th, 2011
I agree that if you suspect that you have BP, medication is necessary. I have BP myself and have tried making myself think that self-help remedies will help control my BP, but in reality that only works for a short period of time. Medication in conjunction with therapy and a controlled diet is very helpful in leading a healthy and prosperous life. I've been off medication for a long time, but over the years I've realized that I can't do w/o medicine to help control my moods. I'm quite stubborn when it comes to that. I've come to terms and have finally decided to go see a professional soon, as this disorder has been ruining my life. It's no way for anyone to live! Anyhow, you may or may not have BP. It's best to see a psychiatrist (go for a 2nd opinion if you're uncertain of the 1st results) and let them decide what you may possibly be experiencing. Best wishes to you. Peace.
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