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Bipolar and Obsession

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So like most people on this site, I have been diagnosed with bipolar, and it's pretty scary as I'm only 19 now and I had no idea what was happening to me through my teens up until I got diagnosed during a hospital visit. I got very lucky and struck gold on my first try of medication with Lamictal. I do have one problem with it though. It seems that I still get mildly obsessed with things. I guess mild is a subjective term. My last obsession only lasted 2-3 weeks, and I got fixed on losing fat off my body, so I at very few calories during that time and lost about 20-25 lbs. Pretty unhealthy for that amt of time, and the fact that I'm 6'2, was hovering around 170, and a growing boy. So it seems severe to me, but the period of time I feel was pretty short.

So my question is, how can I control this obsession? To those on the site who can relate, you know its not a foreign presence in your mind telling you what to do. It's your own thoughts. You genuinely want to do whatever you are obsessed on, and you make excuses and justifications for why it's ok to do what you're doing. It's like a hunger. When you're hungry, you cannot focus on anything else. Food, food, food pops in your head. It's like that with the obsession; it never goes away. What can I do to stop this? I love the medication and dont want to change it, as it's super mild, and very little side effects. Any help would be appreciated
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replied April 6th, 2012
bi-polar and obsession
having bi-polar, a lot of things are easy to become obsessed with like a lot of times i feel like i'm missing love and the first person that gives me any sort of attention i go bananas which may run them off but they don't understand why you cling to them they just think you're crazy as all outdoors at least that's what they tell you and what they tell other people about you when you don't know you're bipolar you just get angry but when you know why you do the things you do and people call you crazy it hurts badly
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