I have always had really bad mood swings from a young age, extreme highs and very low lows. When i have my down moments it really scares my parents as i used to self harm but when i have my high moods i can't concerntrate on anything, it's like my mind is working at 100 miles an hour.I think it is bipolar disorder but i am afraid to go to the doctors cause i am worried it will be that and there is alot of stigma surrounding it.
I am also afraid that i have developed an eating disorder as well, i have never really had intrest in food and have always worried about my weight and when i turned 16yr i started to eat very little and what i do eat i purge. I have dropped from 9st down to 7st 11ib.
I don't want it to get in the way of my life anymore and i fear it will get in the way of studying to be a nurse.
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replied October 6th, 2009
I feel how you do! I suspect i'm bipolar but have no evidence- just how I feel. I used to self harm excessively in my early teens and I also have problems around food. I never have been interested in it and find myself always watching my wieght- even tho people say i'm thin. I have recently put on a bit of weight. I have noticed also, in my 'high moods' I eat a lot and when i feel down, I feel I don't want to, can;t be bothered, too stressed to eat....
There is nothing wrong with going to the doctors and if at worst you are diagnosed with it, you have to look at it like that was always the case. You may aswel be helping your condition than living in denial. Surely that will effect you studying being a nurse more severely!!
"Be who you are! Those who mind, don't matter and those who matter, won't mind!!"
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