I wrote a day before yesterday,that i felt measorable. i hated myself for binging every second day. yesterday i drank lot of tee with honey,and a word gived to myself not to eat anything solid---yes i kept my word.

you cannt imagine my joy, i was happy. i did not loose weight or smth but i was proud of myself because i could keep my word. i am a responsible person, in general,but concerning food i have long now lost my confidence, and this happening: i said no and i did so!!!

today i had lunch and supper-i was calm and and even did not think about "binging", now after supper, just couple of minutes ago,an idea "hm, maybe i should grap on smth more....."but those 24 of proud yesterday laughed at that "binge voice". i mean, it even did not irritate me. and i understood, how the binge works,

the binge voice: "go and grab smth more",

i frick out "again,this has no end"...

the binge voice: "come on ,the frige is loaded"

i give up: no,this has no end,ok,go and get yourself smth,but not fatty...

and the story goes on...

today i did not frick out

i belive if i catch and nourish this feeling of self respect and calm and confidence,that grow out of it i wont frick out and fall in. the voice may come but there should be smth stronger and more beutiful in your sole that rejects it like water rejects fire.

do smth you will be proud and respect yourself and keep doing so!
its a good idea,isnt it?

buy for now

i wish you well

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replied February 17th, 2009
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That's a step by step path Smile
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