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Binge Eating Treatment

Binge Eating Treatment
Binge eating disorder
Causes and Risk Factors

Binge eating disorder treatment
Treatment options for binge eating disorder usually include both psychological therapy and medication.  This combination aims to give the binge eater control over eating behaviour in a healthy fashion, by not resorting to binge-eating when dealing with a stressor, etc.  Let's take a brief look at these treatment options now.

Counseling or psychotherapy
The goal of counseling is to help binge-eaters react in a more healthy way when they are exposed to a stressful situation, instead of binge-eating.  Common types of psychological therapy include cognitive-behavioural or interpersonal psychotherapy.  Binge eaters can learn to identify and track their eating patterns to avoid bingeing in times of stress.  Interpersonal psychotherapy looks at stressors that may arise due to relationships, both with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Both anti-depressants and appetite suppressants may be prescribed to treat binge eating disorder.  Anti-depressants or anxiolytics will have the effect of treating stress, anxiety, or any other stressors that may trigger a binge-eating episode.  Additionally, anti-depressants may be prescribed if an emotional disorder (e.g. depression) is diagnosed.  Appetite suppressants may be helpful in addressing cravings.  

Nutritional education
Binge eaters may also require help learning healthy eating patterns and losing weight.  Being overweight and obese is strongly linked to many, many physical complications, some of which are life-threatening (e.g. heart disease and type 2 diabetes).  Seeking separate treatment for being overweight or obese may be part of your doctor's overall treatment program.  A nutritionist can offer a comprehensive and more effective approach to diet that is approved by your doctor. 

Support groups
Binge eating support groups may be able to support the individual members in their attempts to control binge-eating episodes; your doctor or psychologist may be aware of any groups in your area. 

Binge-eating disorder carries with it strong emotional and physical complications which interferes with the quality of life.  By taking steps to address the emotions and behaviours that accompany binge-eating episode, this episode can be treated successfully.  Successful treatment will mean that a person may be able to live a more happy and healthy life.      

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