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Bilateral Pleural-Parenchymal scarring

Mild bilateral
pleural-parenchymal scarring should i be worried about this ? Question
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replied April 10th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

It is listed as mild. If you are not having any symptoms of shortness of breath or significant pleural type pain, it is probably just a finding on whatever study it was taken from (x-ray, CT, MRI). Was the study done for pleural problems or somethings else and this was just an incidental finding?

You don't say how old your are or what you have done in your life. If you are a smoker or have worked somewhere with dust, coal, smoke, or other lung irritants, this is not an uncommon finding.

You should discuss this with your physician. It has to be reviewed in correlation with your history and examination. Good luck.
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replied April 11th, 2011
I had a MRI of my right shoulder and bradal plexu nerves. when this was find. I am 42 and have COPD,I do have shortness of breathing at times (like when I am walking in the stores are at work) and Ido smoke about half pack a day If that .I work as a CNA in a VA Center. I get sick really easy with upper resp. infections all the time. My mother past a way of Lung Cancer about two years,she had small cell lung cancer that had spread all over.
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