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bilateral inguinal hernia surgery

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First Day:
Asleep during surgery. Open surgery. Went well, no complications. Release from hospital about 4 hours after surgery. Feeling fine due to local ansthetic. Started wearing off late in evening. Needed to take one Hydrocodon pill to be able to sleep. Swelling of genetalia first night.

First full day home :
Constant pain. No movements were not painful. Took one Hydrocodon every four hours to aid in moving around. Difficulty getting in and out of recliner and moving to recline position due to use of abs. Once in a reclined position, very comfortable. Walking around is the least painful of all activities. Three regular meals today.

Second day:
Getting in and out of bed is the most painful activity. Sharp pain just below bandage. Putting sox on takes about 10 minutes each, a very painful. Anything that requires the use of abs is almost impossible. Scrotum is discolored. Started taking Metamucil to help with constipation, but so far no bowel movement. Finally got rid of gas and had bowel movement.

Third day:
B.M.s seem to be back to normal. Continuing with the Hydrocodon. Pain is much less than yesterday. Began working around the house. Get tired easily.

Fourth day:
Removed gauze dressing. The operation sites look good. Scrotum swelling has gone down. Pain is a lot less today. Can resume most normal activity today. Get tired easily.

Fifth day:
Worked around the house. Pain about same as yesterday. Cannot do a few normal things like bending over to put sox on or tie shoes. Still some difficulty getting in and out of bed. Scrotum seemed swelled again late in the day, probably due to so much activity during the day. Can finally get my recliner in the reclined position without any pain.

Sixth day:
Permission to drive today so I will not use any drugs. Using Advil instead. Many places to go and things to do. Tried getting into car. Too much pain in the driving position. Gave up driving for today. Pain seems to be related to only certain activities that require bending over or using the abs.

Finally, after ten days I can resume most normal activity, although there is still some testicle tenderness and I tire easily.

Four weeks and most activities are normal. Some tenderness in testicles.
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