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bilateral facet block injections at L4-L5

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Has anyone had bilateral facet block injections and can give me some feedback?

After 8 months, I was just told by a neurosurgeon that I should have bilateral facet block injections at the L4-L5 section of my lumbar spine. We are hoping that this will confirm the area and relieve some of the pain.

My MRI results in June revealed the following (writing only the most relevant parts)

There is a focal hypointense T1 hyperintense T2 signal area underneath the superior endplate of L3 query small Schmorl hernia.

L4-L5: There is global bulge disc with central annular tear without evidence of herniation of nucleus pulposus. There is hypertrophy of ligament flava. There is a mild spinal stenosis left lateralized due to the above described disc bulge which appears to be in contact with the left L5 nerve root however no clear evidence of compression, mild posterior displacement cannot be excluded.

L5-S1: There is a mild irregular aspect of the facet joints which may represent early OA.

Final Impression: L4-L5 discopathy as described causing mild spinal stenosis. Questionable posterior displacement of the L5 nerve root. (After speaking with neurosurgeon today, his words were pinched nerve at L4-L5)

I have been doing treatments since March - ( 3 times a week since April) including: massage therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy. TENS, ultrasound, mild traction... with really only minor relief... I also have tried seeing a Naturopath since April and have just started seeing an Athletic therapist last week.

I have tried Tylenol with Codeine, Celebrex and most recently Lyrica as medications.

The pain is quite constant. When I am sitting, it really bothers my lower back. When I am walking, the pain usually goes down the left leg and I get really bad cramps in both my calves within 15-20 minutes. When I am lying down on my stomach, I get pain in the back of my neck and shoulders.

I really hope to get to the end of this soon!
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