Hi I am new to the forum world. I am reaching out because I need to find answers and do not seem to be getting anywhere with my cardiologist.

A little about myself. I am a 36 year old female. In High school I was having issues with heart palpitations and went on a toprol for several months. The issue then subsided for several years and reemerged after the birth of my daughter. It was at this time I was told I had bigeminy. I chose not to pursue medication because I was breastfeeding and it resolved after a few months.

In November of 2014 I started having the bigeminal issues again combined with tachycardia. In the evenings I would run around 126 bpm while lying down. I went back to the cardiologist and started 25mg daily of metroprol. They also did an echo which came back fine. The meds worked pretty well for a few months.

Last month I became very ill with a virus and was hospitalized. During that illness I had inverted T waves and orthostatic hypotension. I do not know if my BP used to run low in the evenings before I became ill, but during the day it was usually 112/72.

Following being ill the bigeminy is back with a vengeance. The tachycardia is still well controlled, but the bigeminy is worse than it has ever been. I am now taking my BP in the evenings and it is running very low, on average 90/50. I am also insanely tired. I talked to the cardiologist office and they said I can increase the meds to 1.5 25mg tablets as long as my BP was not running super low, but it has been so I can't. I have called them and sent them a written message, but am not getting a response.

It is taking me hours to get to sleep because it is especially bad when I am at rest. Once I fall asleep I am ok, but in addition to the palpitations I am getting dizzy while laying down and get almost a feeling of falling as I start to drift into sleep which startles me awake to start the cycle all over again.

From everything I have read it sounds like beta-blockers are the front line treatment for this and most people have hypertension so there is a positive byproduct of using the beta-blockers.

Is there anyone out there who has the heart issues with low blood pressure? If yes, what have you been able to do to control it? Even though my echo was fine I am really starting to worry that something is wrong with my heart.
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