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Hey all,

I wanted to say hi and see what’s going on with the mothers of the world. My name is Cindy and I am the mother of a 16 month old and just found out I’m pregnant again. YAY!!!! I’m excited despite the fact that I’m already thinking about how I can’t afford this baby financially. Everything works out. For all of you mothers or soon-to-be mothers, I’d like to share an option with you that I wish I had found sooner. There’s a site that has some great offers for baby items (diapers, kits, breastfeeding supplies, etc.) and a few other areas which I’m posting below. One is my blog which also has links to some free stuff. I’m telling you now, you will need to fill out a couple of other offers, but it’s nothing for some of the stuff you’d be getting. I use this all the time and, like I said, I wish someone had guided me through some of these things sooner. I’m not spamming, but trying to help somebody out. I hope you’re all having a smooth pregnancy, and I’m more than happy to fill you in on anything. I’m going to be going through this all over again with you! AHHHH!!!!


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