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Bicuspid aortic valve with mild regurgitation

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve with mild regurgitation, which was really scary when I heard the news, though my cardiologist reassured me. She wanted me to come in every 6 months for echocardiography until a couple years ago, when it became yearly. I am currently 32 years old. My condition has been stable. My left-ventricle diameter diastolic is about 6.1 cm, my left-venticle diameter systolic is about 4.2 cm, and my aortic width is 4.3 cm (I am tall). My ejection fraction is 55%. She has not recommended surgery.

I've moved and in the past 5 weeks or so, I've had to rely on public transportation, which involves a lot of walking and sometimes running. Last week, I noticed that I still felt really tired whenever I got home and needed a 2-3 hour nap after doing so. This didn't make sense to me because I've been doing this for 5 weeks, for most days during the week. I am recovering from a bout of depression, but my mood has generally been better, my view on things is much more positive, and I don't have problems enjoying things. Why do I seem to have a hard time getting used to the walking and the running now?

Maybe this is something to do with the aortic valve? I have not been able to have echocardiography for more than a year because of the move and I get into a health care system on 5/2 for the intake, finally. I've never had an exercise stress test done, so I might want to look into doing that. I have never liked exercise and would tend to stop practicing after a couple days unless there was a need. I wonder if this is why.

Having to get the valve replaced would suck, but if there is a problem then I might have better energy after surgery.
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