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Bi weekly periods

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I need some advice, I have gone to my gynecologist 4 times in the past year regarding the following problems. Bi montbly periods, brown blood. She did a vaginal ultrasound and said my uterus had thicken walls and did a endometic cancer test. It came back negative. (thank goodness)

I am still have bi monthly periods, my ovaries hurt on and off ALL the time with severe cramps, mood swings I can't even get into the mood swings as well as NO SEX DRIVE at all right now. My husband worries I no longer want him.

The only thing my physican has offered is the Hormone replacement therapy and birthcontrol pills. Neither seems successful,and with my family history of breast cancer I am uncomfortable taking the HRT again. I've taken it twice.

I want to tell my Dr. do the hysterctomy I have had enough. I dont know what else she needs to decide to do this. I am 45 years old my children are grown.

What is your advice, should I consider switching physicians. How long does a person have to have problems with their periods before the physician will say enough is enough.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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replied August 12th, 2009
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Tough call...I had my Hysterectomy at 47 years old..No regrets...They took my ovaries too...I had Endometrosis and terrible periods...Ended up anemic...I think it is so important to have faith in your OB-GYN...If you do not have this, then switch doctors...Good luck...

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