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Bf disappeared in middle of night and took my car

I've only been with my bf for two weeks. I'd never seen him drink. I woke up in the middle of the night while we were sleeping at his house and when I woke up at 330 am he was gone. He had taken my car despite having a car of his own. I called him freaked out and he said he couldn't sleep and was driving in the neighborhood. It took him 20 min to get back and then he tried to hide my keys on the side of the house so I wouldn't know he took my car. He then told me he was an alcoholic and really went to my house for alcohol and couldn't take his car bc he had an ignition interlock on it. I left and when I got home my house alarm was dis alarmed when it was alarmed before I left. I don't know anything about alcoholism but is this something that an alcoholic would do or something else? I'm scared and broke it off. But I don't know what he really did. Just looking for another opinion... He basically stole my car and broke into my house:(
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replied November 4th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy
At least he told you about his addiction which has saved you from spending months discovering it for yourself. He sounds a surprisingly honest alcoholic with a high level of self-knowledge. He seems to have passed through the stages of self-deception and all the lies and subterfuge that usually attends any addiction.

Yes it sounds just like the sort of thing an alcoholic would do - except for the being honest about what he did and why he did it part. Usually there would be a rather transparent fairy-story explanation, thus, the usual advice is to judge an addict only by their actions and not what they say or claim.
Addicts usually are motivated only by the thoughts of their next fix whatever it might be and they tend to live in a fantasy world of lies and self-deception.

I am not sure why such an enlightened alcoholic should not be in treatment but you are probably better off staying well away from him as you have no particular investment in time or emotion or duty.

Good luck!
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