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Best ways to fix forward head posture?

ONe thing I want to sort-out about my appearance is my posture. This is a result of spending too much time in front a computer and not being out as much as I would like.

Do lower back exercises help to rectify this problem? Are there various neck exercises that can help?

Isn't oor posture largely the result of certain muscle groups getting disproportionately weaker over time? Should any exercises be focused on building the endurance of the relevant muscle groups involved? Isn't it the deep, slow-twitch fibres that are the main ones that need strengthening?

I'm also aware that posture, especially sitting posture, could be contributing to rubbish energy levels, by not giving my lungs proper space to expand.

Feedback would be appreciated
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replied March 2nd, 2014
For every inch your head moves forward, it increases the strain on the neck by 10 pounds. Poor neck positioning can lead to forward head posture, which is a common cause of neck strain and back pain. You can correct your posture and relieve pain with a few simple exercises.

Neck Retractions
Sit on a stool with your back straight and your chin jutting out over your chest. Slowly pull your neck back into alignment so that your ears are perpendicular to your shoulders. Slightly lift the back of the head as you do so, and pull the chin to your neck. You will feel as if you are nodding your head as you do this exercise.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze
While sitting on a stool, tuck your chin to your neck, keep your chest high and pull your shoulder blades together. Hold the position for five seconds, then relax and repeat.

A shrug is a simple weight training exercise that can improve the neck muscles. Stand with your arms at your sides. Grip a hand weight or dumbbell in each hand. Then slowly raise and lower your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulders go straight up and down, don't roll them.
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