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Best ways to de-stress.

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I am currently coming to the end of the academic part of my apprenticeship where I will be conducting a final exam to see if I will get to keep my training employment or not.

My stress began when my college peers started to mountain my work load at the point where I should be finishing all courses in preparation for my final exam. I have conducted a self diagnoses on myself and I do have typical symptoms of stress and/or anxiety, things such as severe anger, tiredness, muscle and chest pain, grey hairs appearing, spots breaking out and difficulty with my sleep patterns.

Although my work load seems astronomical at the very back of my head I am fully aware it is attainable but I cannot help myself but to stress. Could fellow Ehealthites give me suggestions into what they find to be the best de-stress methods.

It would be much appreciated.

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replied February 24th, 2010
Hi Cam,
I find a number of different approaches help. I'm a teacher and my body suffers because of my job. When I feel stress building, I stop what I'm doing and count to ten (usually in front of the guilty pupil/class!). It works. Sometimes, I try to become aware of how stressed I'm feeling and make a conscious decision to calm down and take deep breaths, telling myself that only an impending nuclear bomb should have this effect on me. A break is a great option. Fresh air, walking to the local shop, just taking a break from the routine/activity that triggered the tension. In my free time, I started Boxercise; I can take my frustrations out on my boxing gloves. Exercise is key i think. And of course, things like massages and spa treatments work too.
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