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Best Way To Tone Stomach? Limited diet.

What is the best exercise/sport/activity to lose stomach fat & get flat, toned abs?

I am a 28 year old female, I am a good weight (130 lbs) for my height (5'7") but I have very little muscle strength anywhere & practically no endurance. Just because I am not overweight does not mean I am healthy!

I am on an EXTREMELY limited diet due to my epilepsy, interstitial cystitis/vulvodynia, and being prone to constipation, and unfortunately 2 of the things I CAN eat are potatoes & rice (CARBS!). I CANNOT eat (or can only eat occasional, limited amounts of) -whole wheat & whole grains -nuts -soy(which seems to be in EVERYTHING!) -msg -beans -cheese -acidic foods(like oranges) -limited white flour -limited dairy -limited sugar -artificial sweeteners. Sometimes I feel at a complete loss as to what to eat, especially since we are quite poor right now & can't afford to shop at health food stores at this point.

Foods I CAN eat include -rice -potatoes -corn -eggs -most meat(but I don't like to eat most meats; mainly chicken breast) -most vegetables -some occasional fruits -limited white flour -limited dairy -limited sugar.

Also I need to eat on a regular basis without too much space inbetween or else I don't feel well; I don't know why, it is either the epilepsy or some type of undiagnosed blood sugar problem.

Anyway, back to exercising. Is there an exercise/sport/activity I can do to lose my stomach fat and strengthen and tone my body that will help even if I can't change my diet much?

I know I sound like I'm full of excuses, but I also have problems in my shoulders and my hips that require me to go to the chiropractor and/or massage therapist regularly and in general just to be careful what I do, such as with lifting or repetitive movement. Ironically, some of these problems may actually be helped by exercising and gaining muscle.

I'd be happy for any advice! Thanks!
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replied February 8th, 2011
Exercise is the best way to tone stomach.Also,tone stomach exercise, working out with weights helps to tone stomach. When our body is forced to work, it burns the fat and therefore we get a lean body. There are some suggested exercises to get rid of stomach fat such as chest presses, dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns, free weight squats. Start doing these fat loss exercises and tone your abs within days only.

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