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best way to have an abortion

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pill or vacuum
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I recently found out I'm pregnant but not in the situation to have a baby. My boyfriend and I agreed that abortion was the best way to go.

So I was checking out Planned Parenthood which offers the pill and the vacuum.
I was thinking of doing the pill because I really don't want to do this anyway and it seemed cheaper but the vacuum seems safer and more for sure?

So which is the best way to go? pill or vacuum?

Also I'm still under my mom's insurance. Will she get a bill or can she somehow find out?
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replied July 29th, 2009
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Well most insurance's I dont believe will pay for this procedue. But as far the procedure. It seems like the vacuum is a more secure option. From my research if you take the pill it is a possiblity that it doesnt complete the process and then you will still need to get vacuumed. The vacuum is a one shot deal. They go in and take it out with no mistakes as long as you are far along enough for the doctors not to miss anything (5-6weeks at least). But again it is still your decesion. But I believe the vacuum would be the best choice. (check out my question and give me some insight as well thanks).
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replied January 24th, 2012
help me how to abortion 5 weeks 4 days...please really need help
i'm 17..i had sex wit my bf at 14 dec but my womb was not bleed at all..after that at 31 dec my period was come and end up at 3 jan..right now im feel Headaches,Feeling faint,heartburn (like a gastric).. is that a sign of pregnat?? i'm really need medical abortion..and the date is 25 jan right now..when my period will appear again?? what if i'm really pregnant..please help me...I really need help...if someone sincere to help i'm really appreciate it very much...please really scared right now if my parent know about this...i never feel such a worry like this before..and now i don't have any appetite to eat right now then my weight lost very quickly..
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