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Best disease or virus to get off of work for three months

? If one wanted to get off of work for say three months and who lives with parents who are inclined to one always must be earning or trying for better income and dont want to scare, with threats of death bec he still feels honor towards. Whats a good virus or disease to try and aim for? One thats highly contagious but allows one to prob still be able to read and watch movies bec ive alot of catching up to do. Im thinking a disease or virus that doesnt stay with or change one for a lifetime in after effects but one to keep one down for Three months. I also thought of bone breaking but that weakens structure and further likelyhood to more breaks. Any good suggestions for a virus/disease and best way to get. Thinking drink creek water but do not know where i can test for parasites bec im thinking that would be bad if they reach yr brain.
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