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Best Birth control for 35 year old?

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I'm now 35 years old and have been on several types of pills since I was 18, all in an attempt to regulate my cycle. I feel like I have tried them all and with each brand, of course, there are side effects (headaches, acne, mood swings, etc.). I was recently put on Seasonique but my once clear skin is now riddled with acne. I'm looking for advice about what would be a good brand of BC for a 35 year old woman? Hopefully with the least amount of side effects! Any advice??
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replied May 2nd, 2012
What pills should I take?
I am 41 years old, I wanted to prolong my menstrual cycle, for many reason. I am also over weight, but not so fat. Please help me what oral contraception should I use, I am also active sexually. Please advise me
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