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Benign moles that itch?

I have several moles across my body, like around 30-40, and one of them recently started to itch. It's diameter is nearly as large as a pencil erasers, is kinda raised, and has two tiny moles above it. It's been that way for a year or two with no change. Only recently did it start itching to the point where tiny scabs show up where I scratch at it. I've had itchy moles removed before and I was told that though abnormalities were present, the moles were totally benign. I recently had a painful one that changed size quite rapidly removed that turned out to be nothing cancerous. Is it normal for benign moles to start itching while remaining benign? Also, though I have pale skin, my grandmother on my mother's side is Mexican with really dark skin and my mother is pale with possibly more than twice as many benign moles as me. I also make a strong point to avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight as much as I can (no more than an hour at a time).I can't afford a dermatologist, so can this be chalked up to bad genetics or should I be as concerned as I am right now?
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replied August 24th, 2011
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Hi metaldude555 and welcome to ehealth: I have found the best way to stop itching a mole or part of me that won't stop is to cover it with a loose piece of Kleenex or gauze...I then put some tape over it...Preferably the new tape that doctors use...It comes off easier...I have also tried putting ice on the area, but the first is my best way to stop this...I usually change the tape daily and as soon as I have stopped itching it, it is gone...It really does work...Take care...

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