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Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Treatment

Benefits of soursop leaf turns 10,000 times more powerful content and the ability of chemotherapy to treat cancer. It is based on the research that has been done, the ancient society known soursop leaves benefits and are widely used to treat the disease. Around the year 1965, various scientific studies prove soursop leaf extract has properties that are better than chemotherapy, even extract can slow cancer growth. In 1976, the National Cancer Institute has conducted scientific research and the results are expressed stems and leaves of the soursop effectively attack and destroy cancer cells. This is due to the very high abortion proactive compounds for the body, it is rarely found in other fruits.

Korean Ginseng country equally in the research problem, after doing research they found that there is a chemical compound which acts selectively kill colon cancer cells and 10,000 times more potent as a chemotherapy drug that is found in soursop. But behind the usefulness of these compounds proved selectively target cancer cells so it does not damage healthy cells.

Benefits of soursop leaves have also been studied recently in a study, that the leaves of the soursop tree is very effective for prostate cancer, pancreas and lung. The results of this study turned out to have saved over the years from the old days, but many people do not know it, either because of what. Even based on 20 laboratory tests on the benefits of soursop leaves taken since 1970 show remarkable results, soursop leaf has properties very well, just as: - Attacking cancer cells effectively because it does not harm healthy cells and did not cause nausea extreme weight loss and hair loss. - Soursop leaves have an effective target and kill malignant cells for 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer. - Ability to increase energy in the body. - Increase stamina and fitness. - Helps boost the immune system and avoid deadly infections. - Able to prevent free radicals, and many other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of soursop leaves to treat various diseases
Helps nourish the heart
Helps to lower blood sugar levels
Helps to lower high blood pressure
Able to inhibit the growth of bacteria
Help inhibit the development of virus in the body
Helps inhibit parasite development
Helps inhibit tumor growth
Helps relax the muscles in the body’s auto-
Capable of being anti-seizure medication
Helps relieve pain
Being able to treat and suppress the inflammation in the body
Being able to help to reduce fever
Strengthens nerves
Helps dilate blood vessels in the body
Help to kill worms parasait
Strengthen and aid digestion and increase appetite.
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