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Benadryl and motrin together ?

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Is it alright to give a teaspoon of benadryl-d allergy&sinus,and aslo 21/2 teaspoons of mortin at the same time.Also been giving him zyrtec for 8 days now and it does not seem to be getting any better.Now is is running fever and complaining of headaches and body this normally with allergies,or could it be something else.he is running 101 temp but does not feel hot.
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replied October 4th, 2009
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Allergies do not produce fever and rarely body aches, with the exception of sinus pressure.

Never mix medications that have pain relievers in them with another pain reliever.

Have you taken him to the doctor for his allergies? What symptoms did he have before he started medication? If zyrtec has been prescribed for him by the doctor and is not enough, it may not be just allergies he is experiencing or he needs a different type of medication for relief. Do not mix Benedryl with Zrytec: both allergy medications combined might not be the best thing, just as mixing pain relief meds is not a good idea.

A 101 temp is a low grade fever, and usually nothing to worry about.
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replied October 31st, 2009
giving childrens motrin and benadryl for a cold
I have just found out today, that you can give motrin and benadryl to your child, it just cannot be at the same exact time.
My 5 yr old son has a bad cold, and since i found out they pulled alot of childrens meds from shelfs that have cough and runny nose releif in them, i asked if i can give my son benadryle and motrin. I give motrin(2 1/2 tbls) if there is the fever then i was told to wait a couple hours before giving a min. dose of benadryl (1 chewable tablet) only if needed (for cough and stuffy nose before bed) hope this helps you in any way, it was my sons dr who gave me this advise. I would advice EVERYONE to pls call you dr first before giving your kids any mixture of meds, only cause every kid is different and you never know how they will react.
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replied January 17th, 2011
I appreciate your comments. I have a 9 year old girl who woke up yesterday with a high fever, gave Motrin then she felt better, until the Motrin wore off. Then fever came back once Motrin wore off. Today felt some what better until early evening then became congested then said her throat hurt and tummy. I googled about the bendryl and Motrin combo prior to my giving it to her and was so very glad I did. I gave her the Motrin first tonight to help with the fever and will do the benedryl in a couple hours. As of now I have her head elevated. Just wanted to say thank you all!! I also have a 12 year old daughter who god knows I wouldn't of made it thru as I have 20 month old twins that she's bent over backwards to help with.
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