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bellybutton pain since childhood

Hi I have had an extratreamly sensitive belly button for my whole life. I can not touch it. (I have an inny) The pain is getting worse as I get older. Also, when I do any exercizes at all, lately I have noticed a change in the level of pain going up. I have pain if I eat too much as well. What is this pain telling me? I don't understand why it is getting worse. (I don't understand why I have it to begin with)
Anyone have any ideas what it might be? How to make it better? Thanks,
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replied June 4th, 2012
Have u ever found out any more about your condition? I too have a super sensitive navel. Always have. I'm 38 and the thought of going anywhere near it is unbearable. It's common knowledge to my family and friends. No one gets it though. It's not "ticklish". It's pain. I wish I could have it "fixed". I feel that I would be so much more at ease in general. Always assumed it was a nerve ending or something.
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