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bells palsy and shingles

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hell i am suffering from shingles and bells palsy but my eye n the right hand side f my face is so painful, with both eyes sensitive to the light, i have also started to devlop real sensitivity on my face can yu advice me nwhat could be the problem and is this normal to have this much sensitivity on my eyes
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replied August 3rd, 2009
hello and so sorry you are suffering with cousin had them and still in need to see an eye specialist to check they have caused no damage to your eye..he had to wear a patch and when out dark sunglasses to reduce the headache that sensitivity to light gave him.
when he seen eye specialist they provided him with drops which eased things a little as this is a slow proess to recovery and nerve damage can can be damaged beyond repair..
he recieved physiotherapy to get the muscle working in his face again and morphine to cope with pain..
his face now after months has improved but left with slight twist..
this is a horrible thing to be diagnosed with and shall take alot of patience and work to rectify..
don,t suffer this in silence please see your doctor and get the help you need with your eyes asap..
i wish you all the best and do let us know how you are and how your progress is doing.
wear dark glasses to protect your eyes till you see a specialist ones with lens covers at the side to ptotect the eyes fully would be great for you..
make sure you always have enough meds and remember contagious only on skin to skin contact so use your own towels and face cloths but more important you must not have contact with water near the infected sight..
i nursed my late mother through this and wore protective gloves and her eyes and head were affected too.
hope this helps you im not a doctor but seen first hand how shingles are dealt with and treated.
my thoughts are with you.
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