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believe it to be multiple sclerosis

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Hello my name is Jesse, I have been suffering for almost 2 years now with some kind of disease or health problem that i'm not aware of. I've come to believe it to be multiple sclerosis but I'm not going to try and self diagnose but I'm just desperatly looking for answers. It started a couple of years ago with severe anxiety attacks and several emergency room visits and I eventually found out I had sleep apnea after a sleep study. I'm 24 years old and weigh 150 pounds and I've been perfectly healthy and active all my life until recently. I have been treating with the cpap machine for 6 months now and my fatigue is getting to the point of debilitating. I am SO exhausted every day that I wake up now that I can't even take a shower so I take a bath to lay down. Eventually I muster enough energy to take on my day of work and eventually get better but never close to 100%. A few months ago I started developing new symptoms, my first attack I had I began to have extreme tingling all over my head which eventually worked its way down my neck and into my arms and legs. I reached for my phone to dial 911 but every time I tried to pick up the phone I couldn't make a closed fist so it would fall out of my hand. I eventually gave up and layed there falling asleep. That was back in december of 2010. Now since then I've had three more episodes and they start the same way. Tingling all over my head going down my neck but I wasn't partially paralyzed this time. I was dizzy and off balance and almost confused during these attacks. I am currently getting my insurance back through my work next week because of a divorce I just went through. The stress was too much for my wife to handle so she abandoned me when I needed someone the most. I have been depressed but I am a strong person and doing my best to keep my head up but at times it can be overwhelming. I recently spoke with my mother and she said one of my aunts has mutliple sclerosis and also with that one of my grandmothers died of lupus. I remain optimistic as possible but I am to the point of not caring about anything anymore, even my job. Some days I just wanna call it quits and give up everything but I have always been a fighter my whole life so I go on. I'm really here just to see if anyone can help me or give me some insight based up my description of symptoms or at least give me an idea of what I might be up against. My family insist that its just stress and that I need to stop worrying but I don't worry about it all the time and its completely out of my control. I am absolutely miserable everyday that I wake up and I know that its not just stress, there is something more taking over and I just want to know what it is exactly so I can get treatment to fight it. Also I don't know if this is relevant but my cardiologist said the right chamber of my heart was dialated, I had an angiogram done and they found nothing and said it was nothing to worry about. Anyways thank you to whoever reads and responds to this, I greatly apprectiate anything helpful.
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replied March 21st, 2011
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Stress can cause a whole slew of issues but by you providing some family history, a visit to a good neurologist would be in order. Keep a journal of these 'attacks'...your neurologist will appreciate such.

It will be ok.

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replied March 25th, 2011
Thank you so much, I also forgot to mention another important thing. During my attacks I get facial twitching around my temples and eye lids very badly. Also for almost two weeks now there is a spot at the top of my face near my hair line that won't stop twitching. I have arranged a meeting with my neurologist soon so I will keep you updated on everything. Thanks for the help.
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