I hate this it really is strating to get to me.

I feel like im being watched everywhere you know when you get that feeling when someone or something is looking at you i have that all the time..it is getting so bad that i cannot get dressed in my own room and do things i want to do as i feel like im being watched i hate it..the only thing is i dont no why i am not a parinoid person..what do you suggest...please answer my question its really bugging me...

-People or something watching me
-Cameras everywhere
Thats what i feel like Sad
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replied January 31st, 2010
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There are actually a lot of disorders that center around the fear that you are being watched/followed. Most an anxiety disorders but there is a pure phobia of being watched. There are also disassociative ego disorders that cause similar effects. This kind of paranoia can be pretty harmless or it can be very severe. We could only guess what's going on. Go get checked out by a psychologist.
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replied February 1st, 2010
I had gone through something like this when I was 16-17 years old where I thought people were following me, always being watched. I started memorizing license plates to see if cars were always around when I was. It took a good year for me to really stop thinking this way, I unfortunately don't have any tricks to how I stopped it but it did stop. My Doctor had mentioned to me that a lot of people suffer from this at one extent or another. He even mentioned 'Truman Show' syndrome where people believe every bit of their lives are being taped in a secret reality show.

Though if this has been going on for an extended period of time I do highly recommend talking to your Doctor about it and seeing what he/she recommends as back when I was suffering from it my Doctor gave me some breathing techniques to try but I believe understanding of this syndrome has improved since I was 16-17.

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