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Why I am pro-choice (edited)
My frog has a tendancy to come out, so I decided to fix the post up sorry for my horrible grammer lol....

I guess, everyone has a different view, whether it be pro-life or pro-choice, why do some people not care about the fundamentals?
Why do abortions occur?
Why do pregnancies occur and why do some people feel, l that a woman is merely to pro-create?
All these statements bother me, to an extent I disagree with them because we haven’t come to a solution.

Birth control if used correctly will prohibit/stop a pregnancy from occurring, sometimes that isn’t always the case and therefore we are left with two choices of birth or abortion. If you choose to continue the pregnancy your next options become, parenting or adoption. Now I think adoption is great but those stories we hear on TV or from friends are like one in 10,000 if not more( One adopted kid for a few thousand non adopted children) meaning the demand of parents can’t be met.
According to World vision, some Christian/non Christian and even political sites, there is more than 2 million children dying every year (majority fall under the age of 5) according to world vision(their statistics) are 9.7 million (check their site out under the volunteer section I believe or how to help.) My problem is that, there is many children that need a family, who want a family, stability, good health care, education and they are denied the simple necessities in life, lack of quality, wouldn’t you say?
Adoption is almost unrealistic, it cannot be afforded by low-income to the middle income bracket of people, unless it was a family arrangement, provincial adoption or maybe they took a loan etc. the majority of people we see on TV or people who afford adoption, can pull money from their behinds, the people of high-income, majority of us actually fall into the middle-income or living comfortably I call it. Adoption prices range from 2000$-74000$ and many of time, does not include government fees, lawyer feel, court costs, extra fees or even agency costs, expensive isn’t it and that isn’t even raising the kids yet.
Not everyone is cut out to be parents, some of us, aren’t always cut out or feel like we are “parent material.” Does that mean our role from birth was to be a parent, is that the only path before us?
I frown upon the mentality of people who feel we have designated roles of marriage and children. It isn’t for everyone and we were simply here to pro-create then what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Some people desire this life, other desire a married life without children, some people desire being single with children and others desire being single as well as childfree.

It is not a black and white society, unless you want to perceive it that way, in which case you may have just closed your mind, to some of the most beautiful colors or maybe a piece of art. What are people’s true colors, why do they use smokescreens to cover the true reason of which they debate with? Can they be honest with themselves and specify one answer as to why, their brain thinks this?
Why do people concern themselves with my body when I’m pregnant?
The first few weeks after birth with an infant was brutal, people somehow cared for this child more than I did, the edge of “new and mine” eventually disappeared though. It was similar to getting a new pet, the excitement of something new but eventually it fades to the background, you come to realize that this infant, is not just something you can dress up, rather a 24 hours job with no breaks(why I like working.)

The problems of pro-life vs. pro-choice
Pro-choice people want to educate people, to provide people with non-partisan (unbiased) information, which the other person can use to make their own personal decision, kind of like an educated vote. Pro-life on the hand is trying to preserve a deeper root of traditions, beliefs, religions and morals for which they feel is the only belief or perception to see with. My concern comes to what we call each other, Pro-life is “anti-rights” and Pro-choice considered “pro-abortion.” Who is right?

Some on both sides take it out of context, I think we all do sometimes because we all have a different view of what is right or wrong, based on a educational stand point or even religion.
In regards to religion, your only options should be birth or adoption, in regards to birth control, they feel that abstinence only before marriage is the way to go.
In regards to philosophy, they feel it should be a choice
In regards to Politics, it truly depends on the political party and their beliefs
In regards to media, they are promoting a new society of being promiscuous, almost as a way to retaliate against a tradition of old religions.

Why has no one found the middle line yet? Has anyone been able to understand that we could dramatically drop the amounts of unwanted pregnancies by education? Educating parents and children alike? Promote a sexual education within moderation, teaching people, children, adults, seniors to respect themselves and their counterparts? Why not re-educate parents, times change or maybe they forgot, can we have a class for kids and parents?

Why do parents not teach little boys that a woman is not an object ,rather his counterpart? Why haven’t parents taught young girls, that they are not obligated to be with a male to obtain happiness? Does anyone see a problem with these statements? How many of us remember back in high school hearing the phrases of “oh John Doe got lucky and Jane doe is a slut?”
Jane Doe spread her legs so she is automatically wrong? If it takes two people to have sex, then why haven’t both sides been to blame?

In regards to support during a pregnancy, as well as afterwards, there isn’t very much, I am not denying that there isn’t but in regards to myself I didn’t find what I needed, instead I resolved to a book of “what to expect …Pregnancy” Which was pretty good and comical, as well as watching “birth stories.” When I got pregnant with my first, I found myself calling/making an appointment for an organization called Birthright (Pro-life) anyway; they offered tons of great support during the pregnancy, maternity clothes, food, support etc. My problem more so happened after birth, when I need support most, I was scared shyteless, had no clue what I was doing, I was suffering from minor blues and when I asked them for assistance, I was told “welcome to motherhood.” It took a few weeks but after consulting with a public health nurse in the city I was referred to another branch, a pro-choice organization who helped me out, they assisted with play-groups or mommy and me groups etc. Why does it upset me, Pro-choice was willing to assist me, with and after a pregnancy but pro-life, it felt looked only forward to a birth, somehow they feel we are programmed mothers and know all this mothering “stuff.” I got the impression that we are taking responsibility and fulfilling our duties of being a mother but we should be happy and therefore my post-partum depression or baby blues didn’t exist, I had never even heard of post partum depression till my mom told me(mom has 6 kids.)
They ask how you can be depressed with a pregnancy, how can you hate something so beautiful?
Everyone came to my house, family friends to see Elisa, it was like I got a break but I didn’t other people were caring for my infant but I had people talking or asking questions and it is really exhausting. My relationship with my husband was starting to fade, lack of intimacy, I have skin almost touching the floor and the last thing on my mind was sex or maybe it was the worry of getting preggo again. I was becoming regretful, envious of this kid, it is like I took a seat on the back burner and then was told to head into a race without any experience. Family came over, day and day out, they helped with dishes, cleaning, cooking, trying to cheer me up or even running to Elisa when she cried, in her crib or playen on the main floor. I still never had time with my hubby, I never once or felt like I had a minute to myself to relax much less time for hubby. I don’t understand how I was supposed to be enjoying this?
I look in the mirror in the morning, I feel ugly, bags under my eyes, I gained 50+lbs during the pregnancy so I still felt fat, I was sore, felt like I had been exercising for days without sleep and I couldn’t use the washroom, I was afraid it hurt or burned that bad, is that motherhood? Eventually people started to clear out, roughly about 5 weeks in, people started coming by less and less, hubby went back to work and I had no one, what do I do? My feeling were getting worse, I was talking to drs and they would wait another few days, that one went away but I had another one later on.
Pro-life have this idea, that we as woman are regretful for having an abortion, well guys I wasn’t but I am regretful that I got pregnant, does not mean I don’t love those kids, could have been PD, I really don’t know or maybe it is how I genuinely feel.

So now I hear comments “does it not bother you the fact, that you are a mother and you say such things?” from my family…..
In my eyes, I don’t see a mother or a father, I see parents and parenting is a two person job, I get sick of gender comments “Well you open you r legs” and other comments such as “well you are two young to have your tubes tied.”

Jess (2 kids and almost 25)

Ok so I want my tubes tied, I have to go to a dr and get referred to an Ob/gyn so I have seen 4 Ob-gyn and a alot of drs...

Now if I get pregnant, I will be having an abortion, my problem is that if they tie my tubes I wouldn't even have to think of the word "abortion."
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replied October 20th, 2008
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Someone made a comment about how abortions are done to easily can you read "mandatory waiting times?"

BY-law an abortion clinic has to notify you, of all your available choices, in 24 hours if you still procced/still want an abortion, they will provide you with one.

What is abortion?
1: the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: as a: spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation — compare MISCARRIAGE b: induced expulsion of a human fetus c: expulsion of a fetus by a domestic animal often due to infection at any time before completion of pregnancy

abortions are only performed in the first trimester (0-13 weeks) of a pregnancy for any reason, for a second trimester abortion, there has to be sufficient evidence of danger to the mother or fetus in order to have one.

Types of abortion
Home pregnancy tests available at a drug store can indicate pregnancy early after conception. Terminations performed in this very early time frame have sometimes been termed menstrual extractions.
• Abortions performed prior to nine weeks from the last menstrual period (seven weeks from conception) are performed either surgically (a procedure) or medically (with drugs).
• From nine weeks until 14 weeks, an abortion is performed by a dilatation and suction curettage procedure.
• After 14 weeks, surgical abortions are performed by a dilatation and evacuation procedure.
• After 20 weeks of gestation, abortions can be performed by labor induction, prostaglandin labor induction, saline infusion, hysterotomy, or dilatation and extraction.
Medical abortion is also possible the first few weeks(It is done so through taking a prescription) and expelling the fetus with contractions. ge2_em.htm
If I remember correctly saline abortions are no longer permitted in the majority of places.

According to Roe vs wade
• Mandatory waiting periods
Mandatory waiting periods mandate by law that the woman seeking to end a pregnancy must first, in person, receive specific information about the pregnancy and pregnancy alternatives.
In spite of the fact that these laws typically only mandate a short 24-hour waiting period, they have the effect of increasing the percentage of second-trimester abortions in states with these laws. ge8_em.htm

• Provider issues
Most abortion providers are obstetricians and gynecologists. However, providers from a variety of backgrounds (such as family practitioners and nurses) can be taught to perform abortions safely. Physicians are generally receptive to the concept of legal abortions being available in the United States. Research shows those most receptive tend to be non-Catholic and trained in a residency program where abortion observation was a requirement.
Keeping abortions safe, legal, and rare are the goals of abortion providers.
As providers have decreased in number, women are traveling farther to obtain abortions, seeking abortions later in pregnancy, and are unable to obtain services if they are poor and live in most rural areas.
Posttraumatic stress has been reported in abortion workers exposed to violent abortion protests at their clinics.
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