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beginnings of an eating disorder?

I am a late-teenage girl who has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, panic disorder and SUSPECTED, (but not diagnosed) personality disorder and body dismorphia.

recently i have become so obsessed with my weight, (i am overweight, let me add) that it is now all i can think about.
i have limited myself to 800 calories a day and do sit ups each day too. after finding out a friend is on 500 i now feel 800 is way too much and want to try and get down to 500 too.
i weigh myself 2 or 3 times a day and i get so angry and disappointed if i have put on weight or not lost any. i have recently lost 10lb in 10 days. i think about making myself sick all the time but have a real phobia of being sick that i dont. i am constantly searching the internet for diet tips, taking diet pills and finding out what foods i can eat with little-no calories.

does this sound like an eating disorder? or the beginings of an eating disorder? with being so overweight before i never ever looked into eating disorders so i dont know whether i do or don't. i am obviously not expecting a diagnosis from anybody, but just anyone who may be able to suggest whether it sounds like something that they recognise as an issue... i feel like it has taken over my life and it is all that's on my mind these days, but similarly the power i get from being in control of what i eat is amazing.

many thanks.
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replied July 13th, 2012
Hi, I am a newbie here.Thanks for sharing nice stuff.......i hope next time you will share something more...
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replied July 31st, 2012
i feel the exact same way as you and thats what im currently doing, my bmi is healthy and everything but i am really horrified with my body, and i think this may be the start of an eating disorder, i constantly think about talking to someone about how i feel but then i feel stupid and that its nothing, its taken over my whole life and i am terified to gain weight i had to lock up my weighing scale so i wouldnt weigh my self, i dont know what to do
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replied August 4th, 2012
I've been in a very similar position. I was a little overweight as a child and then when I got to 13 I started to lose weight (not really on purpose - I was just losing my puppy fat and exercising a bit more) but then people were complimenting me so I kept on losing weight and it became an obsession. I was borderline anorexic but then it turned around into binge eating. That went on for 5 years then I went to uni and I starting vomiting after a binge. I'm now 22 and though things aren't perfect, I have improved a lot.

From that experience I can tell both of you that if you are starting to obsess over what you eat, what you weigh and how you can lose weight fast, you REALLY should talk to someone about it. Do not feel silly about it - eating disorders are so destructive and the earlier you catch them the easier it is to recover.

Sugarvixen: definitely stay well away from vomiting and fast fixes like diets and diet pills. A healthy balanced diet and regular sensible exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. Vomiting will just leave you feeling empty and hungry and you'll probably end up eating more.
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