I have been on the birth control before in the past but went off for a couple months. I wanted to begin using it again. In the past, I've done the Day 1 start. Last month, my period lasted one day and then went on a three day hiatus before it returned again. I didn't even think about that. This month, I decided to insert the Nuva Ring and then I began the same break in my period. Should I take the ring out and wait until the Day 1 of the rest of my period begins or should I leave it in and still consider the slight bleeding Day 1?
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replied August 18th, 2009
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See your gynologist...perhaps you may like to try another method of birth control, if not...she or he can best advise you as what you should do with what you currently have. Remember taking it out and waiting means you should be careful of any sexual activity until you decide about the method of device you chose to use.

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