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before sex she'd hit my testicles very hard is there damage?

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hi i had a girlfriend and she is very hot and sexy and i wish to hav sex wit her everyday but she has one bad habit that is before sex she hits my testicles very hard and squeezes it harder for 6-8minutes and then she agrees to hav sex....i begged her many times not to do it but she says she enjoys more when hitting my balls and squeezing it than having for her enjoyment i take that pain as much as i can....but some times it pains for a day or two. but now i broke wit her and now i may get married sooner but i m scared because i dont get proper errection and my sperm ejaculation is also reduced and also i get pain in my testicles when i dont masturbate for 6-8 days and also i found that half of my sperm ejaculation contains some matchstick like structures.... half of my ejaculated semen gets dissolved and vanishes but half wont dissolve at all...and remains lik a residue on surface....i m scared that my testicles may be damaged or weakened or some problem..what shall i do now
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